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About Green Solutions

We are a company dealing in the horticulture/plants nursery business and have been in this business for the last 5 years (Since the year 2010). We supply trees, plants, shrubs and foliage plants to the govt. Agencies as well as to various private buyers. We also provide our services in terms of technical knowhow regarding the planting of plants and maintenance of public gardens and parks as well as private lawns and gardens.

OUR Team?

The Inspiration behind this company is Mr. Mukesh Kumar, who is a veteran in this field is also a contractor with DDA where he undertakes maintenance of public parks and garden. The new segment where we would like to embark is the commercial spaces that is Private/Public offices. We would like to educate people regarding the benefits of foliage plants inside the offices and create awareness regarding the importance of plants in our daily life. Plants not only enhance the look of the office it is also healthy for the office staff and could lead to increased productivity owing to a green and healthy working environment.

Our Clients

Our prime buyers are private home owners.